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about custom-built cabinetry

Design choices are almost endless, from door styles, colours, materials, and hardware, there is no limit to custom cabinetry. "One of a kind"

Only the best materials are used and installed to ensure that your cabinets are built to last. "Durability"

Each cabinet corner and section is perfectly crafted to fit its designated space.

The carbon footprint of custom cabinetry is significantly lower than buying prefabricated factory-manufactures models that are shipped worldwide.

The ability to match the surrounding décor and architecture in your existing house. Ultimate control over your design. 

Installing quality custom cabinets INCREASES THE VALUE of your home.

we offer a complete custom cabinetry design package including production and installation for...


tv/fireplace unit


bathroom vanity

laundry room



dry/wet bar


entertainment unit

our top 5 kitchen
design tips

put function first with the right layout

create a budget for your kitchen renovation project

add more storage

get lots of lighting 

create sociable space

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